At Floor Coverings International, we are able to offer our Sedona, Arizona customers a wide range of quality engineered hardwood flooring products. This construction of wood flooring is popular for its ability to provide a real wood look and feel while being more budget and eco-friendly.

ConstructionEngineered Hardwood Diagram. Describes the layers of engineered hardwood including the solid wood wear layer and wood core ply layers.

Engineered hardwood is often touted as more structurally sound and less likely to warp, buckle, or damage because of it’s construction. Multiple wood layers create the core of the plank, also called the ply layers. High density fiberboards or particle boards, usually made from faster growing trees, make up the core of an engineered wood plank. Some manufacturers even use recycled materials for their wood cores to be more eco-friendly. The top layer of the plank is solid wood and is called the wear layer. This is what gives the floors the same look and feel of solid hardwood. In many cases, depending on it’s thickness, engineered wood floors can be resanded and refinished. However, solid hardwoods are generally able to go through this process more times than an engineered. It should also be noted that even though engineered hardwoods can be installed in different areas of a home, including the basement, there are still restrictions and suggestions of how much moisture and humidity your home should have to prevent damage. This is especially crucial with the changing weather, temperature, and seasons that we have in the Sedona area.

Styles and Design Options

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There are just as many style options to engineered hardwoods as solid hardwoods. Here are just a few options.

  • Unfinished. Most associated with solid wood installations, unfinished or site finished engineered floors will give you a great degree of customization especially in terms of coloring.
  • Prefinished. Prefinished engineered floors offer the easiest installation with a strong protective coating.
  • Distressing. Choose from hand scraped and other distressing factors to give your home a rustic and unique look.
  • Species. From oaks and maples, to cherries and walnuts, you’ll find a multitude of engineered wood options at your disposal. Be sure to talk to a product expert to determine the best fit for your Sedona home.
  • Stains. Find the right color match to your furniture and decor. With so many options at your disposal, pick right the first time with help from Floor Coverings International, serving the Sedona area.

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From Shaw to Armstrong, and other industry leading flooring manufacturers, we have the ability to get almost any type of flooring for our Sedona customers. Our relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide a wide range of quality engineered hardwood floors at a competitive price. To view samples of engineered hardwood floors in the comfort of your Sedona home, be sure to schedule your free, in-home estimate with Floor Coverings International today!

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