new flooring for each room in Flagstaff, AZ

The criteria for choosing the right flooring can vary room to room. When browsing flooring based on where in your Flagstaff home it will be installed, keep your lifestyle in mind. How much maintenance do you want to have to do? How much traffic will the floors receive? How much do you want to invest in the project? How long do you want your floors to last? Knowing the answers to these questions will help your flooring expert help you make the right choice. Read on to learn more about which flooring styles work best in different rooms.

  • Kitchen:

    Your Flagstaff kitchen flooring needs to be able to withstand a lot of traffic, heavy appliances, heat, moisture, and occasional spills. Depending on how much time you spend cooking, you may also want to factor comfort into your flooring decision. Some kitchen flooring options include:

  • Bedroom:

    The bedroom is an intimate area where people often go barefoot. For that reason, warmth and comfort are two important things to consider when choosing a bedroom floor. Some bedroom flooring options include:

  • Bathroom:

    The bathroom floors in your Flagstaff, AZ, are subjected to frequent moisture, so you need a floor that can stand up to the elements and resist mold growth. You should also consider the traction of each surface to reduce slipping and falls. Some bathroom flooring options include:

  • Basement:

    Levels below ground experience more fluctuations in humidity than those above ground, which means the flooring you choose for your basement should not react to changes in moisture. Some basement flooring options include:

To get started on your next flooring project, contact your local professionals at Floor Coverings International Flagstaff for a free in-home estimate and design consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect flooring option for your home and your lifestyle!


Photo: © Iriana Shiyan