natural stone tiles in flagstaffThere’s no questioning the beauty of natural stone tiles in any room of your home. With so many applications, the hardest decision might just be where to put them! However, homeowners in the Flagstaff, Sedona area are concerned with more than just looks and want to make sure their floors will hold up over time in their active households. At Floor Coverings International Flagstaff, we are dedicated to making sure you choose the best floor for your family’s lifestyle. We have a great selection of natural stone tiles to pick from and can help you along every step of the way.

Advantages of Natural Stone Tile:

  • Elegance. To state the obvious, natural stone is beautiful. Each tile is completely unique as it was made from Earth’s natural processes. Within the category of natural stone tile, there are many types of rock to choose from. Granite, slate, and limestone to name a few. If you decide on natural stone for your next project, our design team at can help you find the best style for your aesthetic.
  • Durability. If you’re looking for a floor that will last forever, you’ll find it in natural stone tiles. These floors are scratch resistant, water resistant and perfect for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.
  • Versatility. Natural stone can be used for floors, backsplashes, countertops, and more. They can also be used for outdoor applications and are perfect for merging indoor/outdoor spaces. The opportunities are endless!

Disadvantages of Natural Stone Tile:

  • Cost. While natural stone tiles will last in your home for a lifetime, they do come at a hefty upfront cost. You’ll want to make sure that you really love the look of your tiles since they should be a long-term decision.
  • Sealants. If you want your floors to be completely waterproof, you’ll need to coat them with a sealant. Some types of stone will be less porous than others so sealing them will be your best bet.

Due to their size and weight, natural stone tiles are extremely difficult to install. Make sure you hire a team of professionals, like those at Floor Coverings International Flagstaff, to handle the installation process for you. If you think natural stone tile might be a good fit for your home, give our team at Floor Coverings International Flagstaff a call to set up a personalized consultation. We are local to Flagstaff and can help with everything from ideation to installation.

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