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Flagstaff homeowners trust Floor Coverings International Flagstaff with their flooring needs. Searching for new flooring that provides both comfort and style? Wool carpet is known for being one of the softest and most comfortable carpet types, and that isn’t its only upside. Our very own James Brooks, owner and operator of Floor Coverings International Flagstaff, recommends wool “if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly carpet type that is also exceptionally sturdy and one of the most luxurious carpet weaves on the market.”

Here is some more information about wool carpeting:


Flagstaff wool carpet flooringWool’s popularity comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with its many benefits:

  • Wool carpet is categorized as an eco-friendly flooring type because it is crafted from natural materials instead of synthetic.
  • Wool carpet is arguably the softest, cushiest, and most comfortable carpet type out there.
  • It is this comfortable while still being durable enough to be a good fit even in commercial spaces and on stairs.

This unique balance of having a low environmental impact and being highly sturdy and comfortable is what makes wool carpet an especially popular carpet type.


One pitfall of having so many great attributes is that wool carpet can run more expensive than most other carpets. If wool was as affordable as synthetic carpeting, everyone in the greater Flagstaff, Sedona area would have wool carpeting in their homes.

In addition, wool carpet is susceptible to absorbing stains and spills. Wool carpet is relatively low-maintenance, however, so any absorbed stains can be cleaned without much difficulty.

Find the Floors of Your Dreams

Because we have partnerships with top flooring manufacturers, we are able to give our customers the most popular brands and best quality products at reasonable prices, even typically more expensive flooring types like wool carpet. We have access to a diverse array of styles and colors of wool carpet, so we are certain you’ll find something that suits both your project’s needs and your personal style.

Our flooring specialists have extensive experience in the products and installation of all carpet weaves and types, including wool carpet. We make it our business to be knowledgeable and ready to help you choose from the best wool samples, offer style tips, and perform a full, quick, and professional installation of your new carpet.

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