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At Floor Coverings International Flagstaff, we help Flagstaff families find the perfect carpets for their homes. Cut pile carpeting is the most common type of carpet found in Flagstaff because of its warm feeling underfoot. Read on for more information about cut pile carpeting and its many benefits:

What is Cut Pile?

We’re glad you asked. It is easy to get lost in the piles of carpet jargon. Tufted carpet is made by injecting yarn into a backing material. This is a relatively new way of making carpets, replacing woven as the most common type of carpeting in the twentieth century. Cut pile refers to tufted carpeting with individual strands, as opposed to loop pile carpet, which is made up of loops.


There are few things more pleasant than waking up to the soft, delicate feeling of cut pile carpet. That’s why it is a great choice for bedrooms and family gathering places. A lesser-known benefit of cut pile carpet is its insulating properties, which result in lower heating and cooling bills.


Think of cut pile as a family of carpeting. It comes in a variety of styles, including:

  • Saxony: this carpeting has short, smooth fibers. It is a very dense carpet that adds an air of elegance perfect for formal spaces.
  • Textured: when you think of “wall-to-wall carpeting”, you likely picture textured. This carpet type is less dense than saxony and its fibers are twisted to add strength and texture, hence the name.
  • Frieze: this carpeting is pronounced “freeze”, but never fear; it is warm and comfortable. Frieze has long carpet fibers that are highly twisted—sometimes up to ten times. This adds durability and gives it a characteristic tousled, informal look.

Cut pile is also available in many colors, from sophisticated grays to subdued earth tones. Material is also a big consideration because it affects strength, comfort, and durability. Synthetic carpets—nylon, olefin, and polyester—are more affordable but less comfortable than natural carpet fibers like wool.

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