flagstaff hardwood flooringflagstaff hardwood flooringflagstaff hardwood flooring

Floor Coverings International is the premier hardwood flooring provider serving the greater Flagstaff and Sedona areas. We work directly with national hardwood flooring manufacturers to ensure the prices our customers pay are competitive and that the products we install are the highest quality.

Our hardwood installation team is highly-experienced in both residential and commercial projects. We strive to ensure your satisfaction by remaining within budget, completing your hardwood project on-time, and improving the design of your home or office. We are committed to providing unmatched customer service; helping our customers achieve the floor of their dreams – from start to finish. Give us a call today!

Our Partners

We partner with major manufacturers such as Shaw, Armstrong, and Mohawk, in addition to many other hardwood flooring manufacturers to bring you the selection and quality your project demands.

flagstaff hardwood flooring

Style Choices

  • Hardwood floors add a warm, natural touch to formal, relaxed, or modern styles and almost every style in between
  • Wood flooring in Flagstaff is available in a wide range of species, finishes, and widths to create specialized looks for almost any room

Also consider that:

  • Periodic refinishing and scuff/scratch repair may be required to keep hardwood flooring looking its best
  • Footsteps and ambient echoes can cause rooms with hardwood flooring to be noisy. Area rugs are often used to counter this effect
  • In general, wood flooring in Flagstaff is not recommended for rooms or areas subject to water or moisture exposure

Living Room & Dining Room Images by Iriana Shiyan via Shutterstock. © Iriana Shiyan.
Wood Oak Photo by Sergio Guba via Shutterstock. © Sergio Guba.

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