Carpet in Prescott can instantly make a living
room, bedroom, or den feel more warm and inviting. Carpet also helps conserve
warmth in the winter. It’s far more comfortable on bare feet than options like
tile in the coldest months of the year. Carpet comes in a wide selection of
fibers, patterns, textures and styles. Among the advantages of carpet is its
easy installation. As long as there is no flooring that needs to be removed
first, carpet can be installed in your home very quickly, saving you the
inconvenience of having to deal with a long and tedious carpet installation

Picking the right style of carpet for each area of
your Prescott home is important. You want to pick one that gives the room the
look you want, but is also comfortable and durable. The answer to this dilemma
will be different for every room where you want to install carpet. In Prescott,
Floor Coverings International will be able to show you a variety of styles, so
that you can pick one or more to suit your needs.

Are you looking for a soft and luxurious feel
underfoot? Saxony or cut pile could be a good bet. In cut pile carpets, the
loops have been cut to create fibers that stand straight up. The result is a
plush look and feel. In Saxony carpets, two or more fibers are twisted together
and cut, which gives a soft texture. Footprints and vacuum marks can be quite
visible on Saxony carpets, so, keep that in mind if this is a style that you
are thinking about for your home. They are best for low traffic rooms such as
formal dining rooms, living rooms or master bedrooms.

Plush carpeting in Prescott is another style for
formal areas. The carpet is soft and thick, with exceptionally even fibers.
It’s also known as velvet carpet, because of its velvety appearance. It comes
in low, medium and high pile cuts. The high pile has the thickest plush look,
but you will have an easier time maintaining medium or low pile carpet.

Another option to consider if the area you are
carpeting is a busy room in your house is textured Saxony. These carpets have
twisted fibers that are set using heat. They are usually multi-color, which
helps to hide dirt and stains. It’s a good choice for flooring in Prescott family
rooms, dens, children’s bedrooms and other casual areas of your home.

Another option to consider for a family room or
child’s room, especially if your kids play in that room frequently, is Berber
carpet. In Berber, the fiber’s loops are uncut. Generally, the yarn used for
this style is thicker than others, which makes it very durable. One caveat
about this style is that the small loops can sometimes trap dirt inside. Many
families opt to install carpet in bedrooms and family rooms where kids commonly
play and run around. Children practically never get hurt from falling in a
carpeted room. Hardwood and laminate flooring may be nice to look at but
there’s nothing more practical than carpet when you have children running

When considering carpeting in Prescott, Floor Coverings International will help you
make the right decision for you, your family, and your home. We offer free
in-home consultations and have a wide array of carpet styles. Contact us when
you’re ready to begin your project – we’re here to help!