At Floor Coverings International Flagstaff we know there are a variety of versatile rustic flooring styles for your Flagstaff home from rustic chic, rustic farmhouse, rustic modern, and more. No matter what direction you go, the weathered, cozy, warm cabin feel of this aesthetic is making its way into more homes each year. And while many trends come and go, this is one interior design style that doesn’t show any signs of leaving.

rustic flooring Flagstaff

Between each natural accent or piece of furniture, taking the time to find the perfect rustic flooring can cohesively bring together the entire design in your home. Our design experts at Floor Coverings International Flagstaff are here to share a few excellent rustic flooring options below.


Hardwood flooring is extremely compatible with the earth tone palette and authentic familiarity found in the rustic style. While all hardwood brings the elements of nature inside, we have a few options that work especially well for a rustic look.

  • The dramatic graining and color ranges in hickory hardwood are exactly what you might imagine in a log-cabin, which means it is perfect for a rustic home.
  • Reclaimed hardwood is salvaged from other antique buildings and structures. This wood is especially weathered and lived-in.
  • While reclaimed hardwood can take some effort and investment to find, distressed hardwood recreates the look in a man-made fashion. We see an increase in Flagstaff homeowners loving distressed hardwood floors!


For the spaces in your home that require a little more water resistance and durability, you can still craft a warm rustic feel with tile.

  • Rustic style is all about wood, from the furniture to the floors and ceiling. For your bathroom, wood-look tile is the perfect solution. Wood-look tile so closely resembles solid hardwood it can be hard to spot the difference!
  • Travertine tile is formed out of limestone in hot springs and geysers. With soft whites, browns, and beige, travertine is defined by its earth tones.
  • Slate tile is another natural stone tile that looks like it came straight out of a mountain. For rugged beauty and durability, slate is a go-to.


While the aesthetic might call for plenty of wood and natural materials, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some carpeting! After all, carpet is one of the coziest flooring options out there and is available in a wide variety of natural hues and textures.

  • Sisal Carpeting is a natural carpet choice made from Agave natural carpet fiber. It is extremely durable and invokes a hand-crafted feel.
  • If you like to keep things simple, consider a cozy area rug for some added warmth and softness. Area rugs look wonderful layered on top of a beautiful hardwood or tile floor and we can provide you with endless colors, patterns, and textures to complement your home perfectly.rustic carpet Flagstaff

Get Cozy in Flagstaff Today!

If you are ready to add rustic flooring to your Flagstaff home we are here to help! Call our design experts at Floor Coverings International Flagstaff and  schedule a free, in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Flagstaff, Sedona and surrounding areas.

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