kid friendly flooring familyKids can be a bit like precious little whirlwinds, fragile and energetic. Parents in Flagstaff often look for child-safe flooring in their homes, but they also look for ways to protect flooring from their kids!

Floor Coverings International Flagstaff has the scoop on flooring to suit a family’s needs and keep everyone in the house happy.


Here’s a common choice for homes with younger kids who are prone to falls and scrapes. If the carpet is upstairs, it also can act as an insulator and keep noise to a minimum as little ones run amok. Carpet will do particularly well in kids’ bedroom, playrooms, and on any staircases. When it’s time to settle down for reading time, there is no flooring as comfy as carpet.


While not half as soft as carpet, hardwood is a nice choice for families with the long-term in mind. Scrapes and markings can be sustained by hardwood floors, but when the kids are a bit older, this is less of a concern. The solution to a scraped-up hardwood floor? Re-sand and re-finish it! Hardwood floors are famously long-lasting because of their capacity for revitalization in this way.


Laminate floors are great for kids with allergies. They are tightly sealed in the same way as hardwood, preventing the penetration of dander, pollen, dirt, and dust. Laminate is fairly durable and difficult to scuff up, which means children can play more freely on laminate floors. They are also more economic than the visually comparable hardwood, which makes replacing irreparably damaged floor sections easier on the wallet.

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Cork is a nice middle-ground between carpet and harder surfaces. It’s naturally soft, so it can pad any falls and keep those knees unscuffed. Unlike carpet, though, cork is not nearly as susceptible to allergens and dirt as carpet. However, if there are pets in your home, cork can deteriorate over time due to sharp claws.


You can think of rubber as a kind of upgraded cork. It features virtually everything about cork that makes it suitable for family homes, but without the same vulnerability to sharp objects. However, rubber is pricier than cork, so families have to weigh their options in deciding what is right for them.

Whatever your choice, Floor Coverings International Flagstaff provides and installs a staggering range of quality flooring materials. Sign up for a free in-home consultation and get a visit from our mobile showroom, no obligation! We are your go-to local professionals, proudly serving Flagstaff, Sedona, and surrounding areas.

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