edmond high pile carpet

With fall fast approaching here in Sedona, your local Floor Coverings International team is thinking of cool air and chilly nights. There’s nothing that says autumn quite like a plush carpet and a cup of tea, so this month, the Sedona team wants to introduce (or re-introduce) you to the benefits of high-pile carpeting. This luxurious style might just be the right fit for your Sedona home.

What does “pile” mean in the carpeting world?

When we say pile, we’re talking about the fibers of your carpet (we define “carpet” as pile plus its backing.) The fibers can be made of wool or of synthetic strands, but no matter the material, we group all fibers together under the term “pile.”

Next, we look to the density and length of the pile to determine whether you have a “high” or “low” pile carpet. High-pile carpets have denser and taller fibers; shag carpeting, for example, is a classic high-pile carpet. Low-pile carpets’ fibers are shorter and more tightly woven.

What advantages does high-pile carpeting offer?

If you’re looking for a cozy, soft, and fluffy carpet, you’re looking for high-pile. High-pile carpeting offers…

Comfort and Style: Its soft, warm, appearance makes high-pile carpet a perfect fit for family life. Most homeowners choose this style for the aesthetic it helps create, and here in Flagstaff, those dense fibers can also come in handy during our long winter nights.

Absorbency: High-pile carpets are hugely absorbent; whether you need them to help filter sound, absorb the cold from a room, or soften the blow of a child’s fall, a high-pile carpet is up to the job.

Durability: High-pile carpets are much less likely to flatten over time than their low-pile counterparts. By keeping their fibers intact, high-pile carpeting options maintain the look of your home for years to come.

Are there any drawbacks to choosing high-pile?

As much as we love high-pile carpeting, they aren’t the perfect fit for every family.

Allergy Sufferers Beware: High-pile offers ample opportunity for allergens to find a home within your carpeting. A low-pile option is usually a much safer choice for families with allergies.

Pet Owners Avoid: In general, high-pile carpets are more difficult to clean than low-pile choices. The length of the fibers in these carpets gives stains plenty of room to sink into the material before you can thoroughly clean the spot.

Interested in learning more about adding high-pile carpeting to your home or ready to get personalized advice on the right flooring for your family? Your local Flagstaff and Sedona flooring experts at Floor Coverings International are happy to help. Give us a call today and schedule a free, in-home, consultation to find the flooring fit for you.

Photo: Svetlana Lukienko