When it comes to cleaning your
new hardwood flooring, everyone has a recommendation to make. Whether it’s a
product they’ve been using for years or a homemade recipe passed down by their
Great Aunt Ethel, it’s a safe bet that nearly all your friends and family have
a must-use solution to tell you about. Here at Floor Coverings International,
we’ve compiled a few of our favorite DIY floor cleaning ideas for hardwood, to
save you time and money when dealing with stubborn shoe marks and tragic ice
cream accidents. The best part? All of these items are easily found in most
kitchens or garages, making this a must read for anyone hoping to mitigate maintenance
issues without ever having to leave the house.

Use a Hairdryer for Melted Candle Wax                                                                     

Whether you’re battling a
blackout or just trying to set the mood, a candlelit room can be a nice
distraction from the day to day routine. What’s not so enjoyable is dealing
with hardened candle wax on your Brazilian cherry wood floor. Rather than
trying to pick away at the wax (which tends to leave a grease spot in its place)
or clean it with some kind of liquid solution, try using a simple hairdryer to
combat the problem. Simply point the hairdryer at the trouble spot, moving the
flow of air evenly over time, until the wax begins to melt. Have a towel at the
ready, and mop up the liquid wax as soon as you can. This should solve your
problem without having to rely on any harsh chemicals, leaving you to enjoy
your naturally lit atmosphere in peace.

Use Mineral Spirits for Marker and Sharpie Spots

Whether you have a gaggle of young
children or a spouse that still likes to color, marker spots on hardwood can be
incredibly difficult to deal with while managing to avoid damaging your floor.
The best thing we’ve found for these kinds of stains is good old fashioned
mineral spirits, which most folks tend to have left over from other cleaning or
painting projects. Mineral spirits are far less toxic and harsh than paint
thinner or the like, and can easily be found at most hardware and grocery
stores. Simply take a small dab of mineral spirits to your sharpie marking, hit
lightly with a rag, and watch as your stain quickly vanishes!

Repair Simple Scratches with a Walnut

One of the worst sights for a new
hardwood floor owner is a scratch or scrape across the perfectly polished
surface. Although there’s no replacement for professional assistance, plenty of
small scratches can be greatly reduced with the use of a simple walnut. Take an
unshelled walnut and rub it liberally across the length of the scratch in
question, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then buff with a soft rag. The
natural oils in the walnut will do wonders on the scratch, all without having
to apply any chemicals or plug in any tools.

As a homeowner with a wooden
floor, it’s important to be prepared with safe, gentle methods of maintenance.
Hopefully a few of these tips will help you keep your hardwood looking as
beautiful as the day it was first installed!