For home owners with carpets, you love that they give great insulation and warmth especially with the chilly winters in Flagstaff. However you know that to keep them looking at their best, they require more maintenance than other materials like laminate or vinyl. Stop these habits to increase the lifetime of your carpets.

  1. Not having a regular cleaning schedule

Having a regular cleaning schedule helps maintain a clean home, but also helps to preserve your carpets. Getting dirt and grime out of the base of your fibers means that when it is walked on, it will not grind against and agitate the fibers. Constant wear against the fibers will decrease the life of your carpet and its backing.

  1. Leaving spills to sit

This is an obvious no-no, especially with pet stains. This will result in damage to your carpet fibers which will result in a stain and discoloration and also a foul smell. Performing spot cleans is extremely important with carpets. While some carpets are coated with stain-resistant coatings, these can eventually wear out making it much more difficult for a carpet to be cleaned. Cleaning up spills as soon as possible will help to keep this coating around longer.

  1. Leaving pet nails untrimmed

Untrimmed pet nails are like leaving hangnails and waiting for pain to strike. Except your carpets will feel the pain especially if an accidental snag occurs. Snagged fibers can lead to a carpet that starts to unravel particularly with looped formats (like a Berber). Cut pile carpets can also be subject to sprouting, where individual tufts seem to be growing out of the carpet. If this occurs be sure to cut the thread that is exposed (do not cut down into the root where it is attached to the backing).

  1. Wearing shoes or going barefoot

Oils in your feet can cause damage to the carpet fibers and increasing the wear and tear meaning a shorter carpet life. When this oil and dirt is combined with the fact that it is not cleaned regularly, the carpet can start to “ugly” out where there are noticeable areas where the carpet looks worn. This happens frequently in high foot traffic areas and you can start to see a “lane” develop. Some might say this is an unpleasant carpet runner. Wearing shoes on your carpets can track unwanted dirt onto them and cause them damage.

  1. Moving furniture without sliders or proper casters

Sliders are helpful to you not only in protecting your body from getting overstrained, but also to protect your carpets from accidentally getting snagged from a furniture leg or piece. Moving your heavy furniture every few months can prevent excessive matting from occurring. Use furniture coasters, particularly with furniture with slender legs, to help disperse the weight evenly.

In terms of casters, such as on bar carts or if you have a wheeled chair in your office, having ones specifically for carpets will help you out in a similar way to carpet sliders. With higher piled carpets, bigger wheels are recommended so that it is easy to roll on them. If you use an office mat, be sure to clean under them regularly.

Carpets can be a joy and a real feature in your home. We hope these tips make them wanted feature that will last for years to come! Take advantage of our free, no obligation estimate to see samples in your home at your convenience!