Porcelain tile floors are not often found in the bedroom, but this unusual pairing has many lifestyle benefits. At Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff, we love how tile bedrooms make a southwestern statement while increasing your comfort and peace of mind. Read on to discover the benefits of ceramic tile for your Tile floor in the bedroom in Flagstaff, AZFlagstaff bedroom.

Design Your Tile Bedroom

The idea of porcelain evokes pearly-white kitchens and bathrooms, but porcelain actually comes in many different styles. Porcelain tiles are made to suit a wide range of design sensibilities, and they are often designed to look like natural stone. In Spanish and Mediterranean style homes with natural stone or tile floors, you can use smooth porcelain to carry the look all the way into the bedroom.
Southwestern interior and fireplace in Flagstaff, AZIn your lovely tile bedroom, it’s easy to add softness with small woven rugs and sheepskin accents. Concentrate these comfy elements around your bed, and then lie back in your southwestern retreat. If you’re styling a master bedroom that has a built-in fireplace, you can coordinate your floors with the existing hearth tile.

Get the Relaxation You Deserve

Porcelain tiles will do wonders for your sleep hygiene, especially if you are heat-sensitive or allergy prone. In hot climates, cool tile floors will help to regulate the temperature of your room, allowing you to sleep peacefully through the night. Tile is also a great choice if allergens are your top concern. This smooth, nonporous material resists mold and won’t trap dust.

Tile is also a snap to clean. Just sweep and vacuum your tile floors to breathe easier all night long. It’s really that simple; you won’t even need to mop because dampness is rarely an issue in the bedroom. If you do spill tea or wine while you’re relaxing, simply use a towel to wipe up the mess. Staining is very uncommon with resilient and nonporous ceramic.

Make Your Dream a Reality

At Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff, we carry thousands of flooring options, including porcelain tile for the perfect southwestern bedroom. Give us a call to schedule your free, in-home consultation and find your dream flooring today!

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