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We may love our cats and dogs—many Flagstaff homeowners consider them members of the family—but let’s face it: no one likes coming home to scratches on their hardwood floors. At Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff, many of our customers come to us with questions about maintaining their hardwood flooring with pets. It is a common misconception that pets and hardwood are incompatible. Read on for more information about how your pets and floors can easily coexist.

Choose the Right Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the most diverse flooring options. You can find hardwood in dark, red hues or sandy yellows, wide plank or thin strip, rough and distressed or glossy and smooth. Hardwood’s diversity isn’t limited to its appearance. Depending on the species of hardwood, its strength and durability can vary tremendously. Pet owners should choose a tough hardwood—one that will withstand Fido’s nails when he gets excited for his walk. Hardwoods with a high Janka score such as white oak (1,360), maple (1,450), hickory (1,820), or an exotic (2,000+) are great options. Avoid softer woods, such as American cherry (950) and walnut (1,010).

Protect Your Hardwood

Choosing a strong hardwood is a great start, but there are more small steps you can take to protect your hardwood. We recommend the following:

  • Strategically place area rugs and mats in the areas where your pet likes to sleep and play.
  • Trim your dog’s nails. If you can hear them on your hardwood, they are too long.
  • Buy your pet a bed. When dogs and cats sleep on the floor, their hair will slowly wear away at your hardwood’s finish over time.

Learn More

For more information about the best hardwood for Flagstaff pet owners, swing by Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff. Call for a free, in-home consultation and find the floors of your dreams today!

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