All of our clients come to us with unique needs and wants,
and it’s our job to find the perfect solution for each and every one of them.
At Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff, we consider ourselves experts in
problem solving, so when we recently had a couple of customers ask us about the
best hardwood flooring choice for them and their pet, we knew we had to put a
post together with a few tips for all of our other clients that may be
considering new flooring options in their home.
Whether you’re a dog owner or have a feline companion roaming your home,
there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a new
hardwood floor. Read on to discover a few tips you’ll need to consider when
selecting a new flooring option.

It’s Not Hardwood,
But It Sure Looks like It

Pet owners tend to enjoy hardwood floors not only for their
look, but also because they don’t hold pet dander and hair the way that carpets
flooring typically does. The main problem concerning pets and hardwood flooring
comes down to one thing: their claws. Traditional hardwood floors can take
damage from your pet’s paws, turning a gorgeous new hardwood floor into a
scratched up disaster. One thing to consider before moving forward in the
process is that a laminate floor may be perfect for your needs. There are tons
of laminate flooring options that perfectly ape the look of hardwood and can
offer much better scratch protection. Furthermore, there are some new luxury
tile options that are capable of appearing like hardwood flooring, as well. If
you love the look of hardwood but are fearful of the damage your pet may do to
it, consider some similar options that appear similar but offer a bit more

Stick With a Strong,
Durable Choice

If neither tile nor laminate are able to scratch your
hardwood itch, make sure you focus on a denser wood flooring option. Although
teak wood may make for a beautiful floor, it probably won’t handle your pet’s
claws as well as you’d like. A wood like hard maple, on the other hand, is
perfect for managing high impact areas and homes that see a lot of action. Hard
maple flooring can hit a Janka rating of 1,450 or higher and is much denser
than traditional maple, making it a great choice for most homes. Similarly, Brazilian
hardwoods tend to be universally dens, including flooring options like cherry
and alder. Brazilian Walnut is perhaps the hardest of all, making it an ideal
option for homeowners looking for a flooring option that can handle wear and

When All Else Fails,
Go Bamboo

If the above options aren’t right for your home, there’s
always bamboo flooring to consider. Due to the resins that are placed into
bamboo during the manufacturing process, bamboo flooring is incredibly dense
and is able to withstand all kinds of stress. Bamboo is actually a grass and
not a hardwood at all, but it’s currently being produced in all kinds of
styles, including many that appear very similar to traditional hardwood
flooring. Even better, bamboo flooring is also very affordable, meaning that if
it does take on a fair amount of damage, replacement costs will be low.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means,
hopefully when you’re next considering a new flooring option for your home
you’ll keep a few of these tips in mind. We know that our pets are an important
part of the family, and Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff is committed
to finding the best solution for all of our customers, including the furry ones
that walk on all fours.