Like children, cats and dogs will probably influence your choice of flooring. No matter how well you have trained Fluffy or Fido, your pet will probably track in dirt, scratch the floor, or even have an accident at some point. If you choose pet-friendly flooring, you won’t have to worry about damage or urgent maintenance, so you will have more time to simply enjoy your furry friend and the rest of the family.

As a pet owner, you should consider how well different kinds of flooring will hold up against stains, scratches, and dirt. Take a look at five of our favorite flooring styles for your pet-friendly home. Pet Friendly Flooring Flagstaff

Vinyl Flooring

Pet owners might gravitate towards vinyl flooring because it resists both stains and scratches well. You can also clean most messes up with a broom, paper towels, or a damp mop. Vinyl also makes a good choice because it doesn’t tend to promote allergies by trapping dander or other contaminants. Finally, vinyl flooring is usually an affordable option and inexpensive to fix or replace if damage occurs.

Stone Tiles

The right stone tiles can offer even more resistance to stains and contamination than vinyl flooring. Since it also provides a hard surface, it’s a good idea to have some area rugs and a pet bed for your pet to relax on. While stone tiles may feel harder and colder than vinyl, it’s also an option that will probably add more value to your own and last longer. Consider textured stone that pets won’t find slippery to walk on.


Do you have your heart set on hardwood flooring? You might be surprised to learn that bamboo is one of the best hardwood choices for people with pets. This durable and easy-to-clean material resists scratches. Many people prefer bamboo over some other kinds of hardwood because it’s a sustainably grown and eco-friendly option.


Similar to bamboo, cork flooring offers another excellent choice of hardwood flooring for pet owners. It resists scratches, stains, and most people find it easy to maintain. This material also has anti-microbial properties that can reduce mold and allergens. Also, cork provides a comfortable surface for pets to walk and stretch out on.

Pet Friendly Carpet FlagstaffCarpet

As a pet owner, you may have avoided carpet in the past because you thought it would be too hard to clean. These days, you can find carpet that has been specially treated to resist stains and make vacuuming up pet hair much easier. You can even choose carpet tiles instead of installing it in one piece, and this means that you can easily replace a tile or two if they get too stained or worn to clean. Carpet provides a comfortable surface and helps with both temperature and sound insulation.

What’s the Best Pet-Friendly Flooring for You?

All sorts of flooring manufacturers have created plenty of options for high-quality, pet-friendly flooring in order to cater to their customers. If you want carpet, tile, hardwood, or vinyl flooring, you can find an option that will please you and your four-legged family members. Talk to the experts here at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff to figure out the best flooring style for you and your furry friends! Call us today!


Photo Credit: © Chendongshan, © Alex_Ugalek