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Feeling like you just can’t get the arrangement of furniture right in your living room or bedroom? The design experts at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff are here with some easy things you can do to streamline your home. Read on to find out about three simple steps you can take right now to incorporate the wisdom of feng shui into your space.

modern kitchen hardwood floor FlagstaffWhat is Feng Shui?

Simply put, feng shui is a philosophical system that places value on harmonizing people with the environments they live in. The idea of balance and a sense of the natural world are essential to feng shui, especially as it concerns home design.

Where Do I Begin?

While everyone will approach feng shui differently, the goal is always to create a balanced and soothing space. That means something different to everyone—but in general, you’ll want to start thinking about the textures, colors, and shapes that give you a sense of balance and well-being. Then surround yourself with those things! But before you go out and start shopping, consider doing these three things…

  • De-clutter — Getting rid of junk, picking things up off of the floor, and reducing the number of belongings in your house will free up open space. Purging belongings that you rarely use can be extremely therapeutic, and it’s the first step to harmonizing your home.
  • Bring the Natural World Inside — Get a few plants! Having something that is alive and thriving in your home is said bamboo floor Flagstaffto be extremely beneficial from a feng shui perspective. And if you don’t want to go out to buy plants, you can always take a walk around the neighborhood to collect some local flora. And when it comes to your floors, consider using hardwood or bamboo for a permanent natural element.
  • Let in Some Natural Light and Air —Open the door! Let some outside air run through your home. In colder months, substitute an open door for a big, open window. And if you haven’t already, consider moving a couch or chair near the window so that you can spend a little quality time in that precious sunshine.

Get Help From Our Expert Design Team

Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff is always here to help you achieve your design goals! No matter what your aesthetic is, our professional team will help you find the perfect hardwood, carpet, or tile floors. We’re proud to serve the greater Flagstaff, Sedona area, so schedule a free, in-home consultation today to get started!

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