Here at Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff, we’re in
the business of bringing you the best in home flooring at a great price point,
be it hardwood, tile, carpet, or laminate. One of the things we’re incredibly
proud of here at FCI Flagstaff is our ability to stay up to date on any and all
emerging design trends in the world of flooring. From our Design Associates to
our expert installers, we’re authorities on every look currently making waves
in the flooring community. We’ve put together a look at a few emerging trends
in home flooring design in the hopes of inspiring you to pursue a new look in
your home. Read on to see just what products are currently on the rise
throughout the design world.

Cork in the Kitchen

Cork flooring has seen a huge uptick in popularity in recent
years, and for good reason. Not only is cork gorgeous to look at, it’s also
incredibly great at insulation, making it ideal for costumers interested in
energy-efficiency. Most recently, we’ve seen a ton of clients looking to
install cork in their kitchens. Cork is naturally fire resistant, making it
ideal for the kitchen, and it is also resistant to the growth of mold and other
bacteria. Add to this the fact that cork tends to have a very long life and can
be easily repaired if damaged, and it’s easy to see why cork flooring is on the

Concrete Flooring

Beloved for its heavily-industrial look, concrete flooring
is making major inroads in contemporary home design. Concrete is certainly
popular for its design properties, but it also offers numerous other benefits
to the modern homeowner. For one, concrete is incredibly durable and easy to
maintain, making it ideal for clients looking to get lots of years out of their
flooring choice. Also, concrete flooring can be very eco-friendly if a concrete
subfloor already exists in your home, making it a great option for the modern

Large Format Tile

In the world of tile, which has always been a popular
flooring choice, we’re seeing an explosion of sizes, shapes, materials and
patterns. One of the trendiest contemporary options is large format tiles –
tiles that come 12” x 24” and as high as 36” x 36” – which are a sophisticated
choice for most homes. Whereas tile flooring has traditionally come in much
smaller options, many home magazines are putting an emphasis on their larger
brethren. Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff has a number of different
sizes and shapes on offer, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking

Natural Stone

Stone floors are natural, beautiful, and quite stylish. The
naturally cool, hard surface is ideal for warm climates as well, making this a
trend that makes a lot of sense for our customers in Flagstaff and Prescott. Be
it marble, limestone, or travertine, natural stone flooring is perfect for
high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or shared bathroom, and with natural
stone making a run at trendiest flooring option, it’s a perfect option for most
contemporary homes.

At Floor Coverings International at Flagstaff, we promise to
offer not only incredible prices on all of our products, we also make sure to
stay abreast of all the important design trends currently in vogue. Call us
today for a free in-home estimate on hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring
for your home!