Home décor trends shift with time, as can be easily
evidenced by the constant glut of homeowners looking to remove their dated shag
carpet. In recent years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in hardwood flooring
interest from a lot of our clients looking to remodel their homes. At Floor
Coverings International of Flagstaff, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of
each and every contemporary design trend in the hopes of offering every
customer an expert opinion on the right modern look for their home. One of the
trends making a big splash in the design world is distressed, rustic hardwood.
Read on for a bit of information on this new and exciting move in home flooring

Handscraped Hardwood
Offers Timeless Beauty

One option of rustic hardwood we offer at Floor Coverings
International is handscraped hardwood flooring. The key to distressed wood floors’
charm is all about their texture and tone, and handscraping handles the former
beautifully. Handscraped hardwood boards, available in a variety of species
like hickory, oak, ash, and birch, are individually scraped to create the
hand-sculpted look from a bygone era. The textural shading that results from
handscraping mirrors the look of vintage hardwood perfectly, and when paired
with a species of wood with a darker hue it can really pull together the rustic
look wonderfully. As vintage floors have become the darling of the design
world, handscraped hardwood has emerged as a frontrunner for products looking
to mimic that classic, aged look.

A Variety of Plank
Length Is a Great Look

 Another feature of
vintage hardwood floors that is a focus of contemporary distressed hardwood is
a variation in plank length and size. Adding a bit of geometric texture to your
floor plan can do a lot for your overall look, and when paired with a
handscraped floor, you’ll be very close to a hardwood option that will fool
your friends and family into thinking you’ve lucked out on a pristine vintage
floor. If you choose wide planks, and vary the size of them slightly, you’ll
end up with a floor that looks like it was created by a true craftsman, which
gets at everything people love about antique wood floors. With a bit of
variation in the plank size of your floor, it’s easy to convey a vintage feel
that can work in a country home just as well as in an urban loft.

The key to making a distressed hardwood floor work for you
is all in the details, from handscraped hardwood to size variation. If you’re
not quite happy with your current flooring option, get in touch with Floor
Coverings international of Flagstaff, and we’ll make sure to help you find the
perfect look for your home.