At Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff, all of our staff
pride themselves on staying up to date on the biggest and best in design
trends, be it contemporary housing styles or retro schemes that are currently
in vogue. Although we’ve been working for years with classic flooring options,
from carpet to hardwood to tile flooring, we also consider ourselves experts on
newer flooring products. Of all of the newer trends in flooring, the popularity
of cork floors may be one of our favorites. We’ve put together a small post on
the benefits of this uniquely green product that hopefully showcases just how
versatile this flooring option is. If you’re in the Flagstaff, Arizona area and
are looking for new flooring in your home, consider these facts about cork

Just What Is Cork

Cork flooring has really made an impact in the past few
years mainly for its wonderful green properties. The main reason why cork is
known as such a green flooring option is due to the fact that the tree itself does
not have to be cut down in order to get at the materials needed to produce cork
flooring. Cork is harvested from the bark of a tree called Quercus Suber, which
is traditionally grown in the Mediterranean region of the world and can have a
life span up to 250 years. The manufacturing of cork flooring is also very
environmentally-friendly, which blends virgin cork bark with post-industrial cork
from other manufacturing processes, resulting in the use of less raw materials.
For homeowners looking to due their part for the planet, cork flooring is a no

Why Should You
Consider Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is full of advantageous for your home, but it
can be especially beneficial for people with severe allergies. Cork is
non-allergenic, so it’s a wonderful choice for homes with small children or
elderly residents. Cork flooring is also very resistant to mold and bacterial
growth, so it is well suited for humid areas as well as spaces such as your
basement. Cork flooring also does a great job at keeping away bugs and dust
mites. It also must be added that cork is naturally static-resistance, making
it a very well rounded option, and uniquely ideal for most family homes.

Above All Else, It’s About
the Look

As great as cork may be from all of the standpoints noted
above, its current surge in popularity is mostly due to its wonderful look. Stark
and modern, while still showcasing a classic elegance, cork flooring has all visuals
of traditional hardwood flooring for a much smaller price point. You’ll likely
be interested in cork flooring for your home based on its refined elegance and Modernist
style. It shouldn’t be forgotten that cork is also excellent at transferring
heat, making it an ideal solution for larger rooms. If you’re looking for an
affordable, durable, and attractive flooring option for your home, we recommend
you seriously consider cork flooring.

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