For homeowners in Flagstaff, hardwood is a popular home flooring option. With seemingly countless choices, it can feel overwhelming to choose which one is best for you. Luckily, our experts at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff have put together a helpful guide to three of the most durable and popular hardwood flooring choices for your home.

cherry hardwood flooring Flagstaff


Cherry has deep red tones that will give warmth to any traditional or modern home. Cherry gets darker the more it’s exposed to the sun, which will enrich the look and feel of your space. The two major varieties of cherry to choose from are American and Brazilian. American tends to be the cheaper option, though it is a bit softer and more susceptible to wear. Brazilian cherry ranks highly on the Janka hardness scale and is highly resistant to scratches and dents. This hardness and resilience makes it a more expensive but worthwhile option. Both varieties are great choices for busy spaces in your Flagstaff home, like the dining room, kitchen, and other areas with high traffic.

maple hardwood flooring flagstaff


Maple has a dense grain pattern and light coloring that makes it a beautiful choice for your home. The sandy color of maple looks fantastic in bright and open areas like the kitchen or living room. Maple will add a calming ambiance to a room with white or pastel walls. Like cherry, it also ranks highly on the Janka hardness scale and will hold up to scratches and dents. Maple can stain easier than other hardwoods, so be sure to clean it immediately if a spill occurs.

oak hardwood flooring Flagstaff


Oak comes in two varieties: white oak and red oak. With Janka hardness ratings of 1,360 and 1,290 respectively, both species will survive bumps or scratches while staying soft enough to be comfortable underfoot. White oak has a honey-brown color with a smooth and elegant surface. Red oak has a bolder grain pattern and looks slightly more rustic than white oak. Both oaks make for a timeless choice that will go with any home or style. No wonder more than half of all hardwood flooring in American homes are made from oak!

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