flagstaff carpet squares

Carpet squares, also called carpet tiles or modular carpet flooring, are most often used in commercial applications. However, they should be considered for residential settings for a few key reasons including ease of installation, durability, and many style options. Like many other options, carpet tiles are not without some drawbacks. At Floor Coverings International, serving the greater Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona areas, we want to highlight the advantages and disadvantages in order to educate you on carpet tiles to help you determine if they are a good fit for your home.

First, we’ll discuss the advantages of carpet squares. As mentioned above they should be considered for use in your home because they are easy to install. Because they come in manageable sizes, generally in 18-inch or 24-inch squares, they can be installed quickly and do not require as much skill as broadloom carpet. Carpet squares can even be installed with or without an adhesive.

Carpet tiles are surprisingly durable when compared to standard carpet and can be installed and moved in different areas of your home as they wear. They can initially be installed in a bedroom but can be moved to a basement or even a sunroom before settling in as a rug, which helps to increase the product’s useful life. In addition they can easily be cleaned. Just remove the soiled tiles, clean them under the tap by your sink, and set the tile back in place. Once an area becomes unsalvageable you need only to replace the worn area rather than the whole carpet.

This option is stylish and offers many possibilities unmatched by many other flooring options. Because they are modular, you can change your carpet squares as frequently as you like. In addition, with even more options than ever before you can be sure that you’ll find a pattern, or set of patterns, that fit your needs. Carpet tiles now come in a variety of pile heights and fiber types so you won’t have to half-heartedly choose a carpet.

As with all flooring materials, carpet squares may not be the best decision for your home. Reasons you may want to avoid carpet squares include the comfort in terms of cushion, and moisture issues.

Most carpet squares are installed directly onto the sub-floor or on top of vinyl or tile without some sort of carpet pad. Although carpet tiles may come with a cushioned backing, cheaper grades of carpet squares don’t offer the same cushion as a similar broadloom carpet with a quality carpet pad. In addition, you’ll want to choose a plush fiber and pile if you want a similar plush feeling underfoot.

Like broadloom carpet, carpet squares do not do well with moisture. You’ll want to avoid using carpet squares in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom or your carpet tiles won’t stick around for very long.

At Floor Coverings International of Flagstaff, Arizona, we want to help you choose the best solution for your home. Whether you’re interested in carpet, hardwood, or tile, we offer a product that will suit your project. Call us today to schedule your free, in-home estimate!

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