Carpet flooring Flagstaff, AZBecause of its comfort, visual appeal, and versatility, carpet has been a choice flooring for budget-conscious and comfort-focused homeowners for many years. With the endless options for cuts, colors, and materials, it can be hard to decide which carpet flooring is the best option for your Flagstaff home. Here we’ll look at different carpet styles to aid in your decision process.

Areas of Carpet Use

For some people, carpet is synonymous with comfort. It’s commonly used in bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, hallways, on stairs, and in some formal living areas. Carpet stains can be hard to remove, which is why it’s not recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms, or dining rooms.


Carpet comes in many different materials, each with its own unique qualities.


Polyester is a luxurious carpet flooring option. Sinking bare feet into plush polyester carpet is one of life’s simple pleasures. It is commonly made in brightly colored designs because of its ability to hold color well.


Similar in some respects to polyester, nylon carpet is traditionally affordable. It’s resistant to stains and very durable, making it ideal for homeowners who hope to prolong their carpet’s lifespan for many years.


Triexta is a relatively new carpet material that is constructed from corn-based polymer. This unique composition allows it the combined sustainability of wool with the durability of nylon and polyester.


As it is both stain and water-resistant, polypropylene is a great option for outdoor carpeting because it doesn’t easily fade in response to excessive sunlight exposure. It is not quite as durable as nylon, but it’s also generally less expensive.


Wool is a natural material, which makes it a great option for sustainably minded Flagstaff homeowners. It’s flame retardant and dirt resistant, but is also easily stained. If the wrong cleaning agent is used during stain removal, wool carpet can quickly break down.

Colors & Patterns

Although cut plays a large role in a carpet’s appearance, a variety of other factors contribute to this as well. Neutral carpet colors and patterns are best for rooms with busy wallpaper or bold décor styles. Carpet stripes, geometric patterns, and floral designs can add intrigue to rooms with simple design schemes.

Cut Styles

Carpet is typically classified as either cut pile or loop pile. Cut pile carpeting is when the loops of the fibers are cut to create upright strands that can look shaggy or feel plush. With loop pile carpeting, the loops remain intact. Loop sizes can vary to create patterns and depth, and you can also combine loops with cuts to add textural variety.

Whether your main goal is comfort, style, or household acoustics, the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff can help you find the perfect carpet flooring for your home and lifestyle. Call us today to schedule a free design consultation!


Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan