kitchen backsplash designs Flagstaff, AZ

For many Flagstaff homeowners, the kitchen is the favorite room in the home. It’s where families come together and share a meal after a long day, or where friends congregate during social gatherings. If you like to entertain, you probably want your kitchen to have that “wow” factor. One great way to achieve this is to create a unique backsplash. From wood panels to subway tiles, there are countless ways to add personality to your kitchen. A backsplash isn’t just that portion of the kitchen that gets splashed when you’re cooking up a batch of spaghetti. It’s a design element that makes your kitchen stand apart from your neighbor’s. Here are five eye-catching design ideas.

1. Slate or Stainless Steel

If you have a contemporary kitchen, slate or stainless steel might be great options for you. The cool, clean look of a stainless steel or slate backsplash pairs well with dark cabinets. They also compliment the sleek, hi-tech look of many modern appliances, as well as monochromatic countertops.

2. A Coordinating Mosaic

You have many options for color when designing a mosaic backsplash. A stony gray mosaic backsplash can pick up the soft blues and grays in the veining of some countertops, or perhaps match the barstool cushions. If you want to use your backsplash as an accent, use multi-colored or patterned mosaic tiles to make the area pop.

3. Tiles With Interesting Shapes

Backsplashes bring visual interest to the kitchen, and one way to do this is to use tiles with unusual shapes. Hexagon tiles are a popular choice and can create intriguing geometric patterns. Other commonly used shapes include triangles, circles, or traditional square tiles.

4. Mirrored Tiles

Sleek and urban, mirrored tiles are perfect for the modern small space, as they can make the room appear larger. They’re shiny and interesting, making them great for entertaining. Mirrored tiles also maximize light, which is perfect if you have high ceilings and large windows. At the same time, if your kitchen is on the darker side, the reflection from the mirrored tiles can create the illusion of more light.

5. Wood Paneling

The simplicity and rustic feel of wood is great for farmhouse-style kitchens that tend toward natural décor schemes. Or, if you want to re-create a French bistro look, you can paint the wood paneling white. Another backsplash use of wood paneling incorporates weathered or distressed wood to give the kitchen a cozy, lived-in feel.

An attractive backsplash isn’t just powerful finishing touch, but an opportunity to make an artistic statement in your kitchen. If you want to explore options for your own kitchen backsplash, contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff today, and schedule your free in-home estimate and design consultation.


Photo: © pics721