Flagstaff homeowners love the look and feel of hardwood floors. That’s why they choose oak, maple, and ash hardwood for their home more than any other flooring material. At Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff, our customers trust our expert advice when it comes to flooring. Many of our clients ask us about how to ensure their new hardwood floors stand the test of time. Here are five simple tips for making sure your hardwood lasts for generations.

1. Vacuum, Sweep, and Lightly Mop

Flooring experts recommend vacuuming your floors every week—more for busy families and pet owners. Vacuuming is just as important for hardwood as it is for carpeting because it removes dust and dirt particles that can mar your floors over time. This helps extend the life of your hardwood floor’s finish. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it is hardwood-safe (it doesn’t have hard components that will scratch your floors).

flagstaff hardwood vacuum

2. Use Floor Mats

It’s important that your floor experiences an even amount of wear. The hardwood planks in hallways and entryways age much more quickly because of increased foot traffic. By using strategically placed floor mats, you can save these parts of your flooring from premature wear and tear. An area rug is a great addition to your living room, adding style and protection.

flagstaff hardwood floor mat

3. Invest in Furniture Pads

There is nothing worse than the sound of a chair being dragged across your new hardwood floors. What was once a pristine work of art is now ruined by a scratch only a professional refinishing will remedy. Be sure to add felt pads to the legs of each and ever piece of furniture you own.

flagstaff hardwood floor pad

4. Buy a Bed for Your Dog

If you look closely, you can probably tell where your canine companion spends the most time lounging around. Animal fur may be soft and warm to pet, but over time it wears down the finish on your hardwood floors. Invest in a bed for your pouch to sleep on. Your hardwood floors will stay shiny while rover chases squirrels in his dreams.

flagstaff hardwood dog bed

5. Move Your Furniture Around

Hardwood is a natural flooring material that is photosensitive. This means that when it’s exposed to light, its chemical composition changes causing it to become lighter. Every few years, be sure to rearrange your furniture to ensure that your floors are equally exposed to the sun. Otherwise, in twenty years, you might find a couch-shaped dark spot on your hardwood.

flagstaff hardwood furniture

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