Here at Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff, we work with families to find their dream flooring. Many Flagstaff homeowners take great pride in the local southwest flavor, and their homes reflect that—including the floors. Read on for five flooring options that feel right at home in a southwest-inspired décor.

flagstaff tile flooring

1. Mosaic Tile

A mosaic tile floor—or even backsplash—can add some much needed color and intrigue to a southwest space. The beauty of tile is its versatility. You can find tiles in any color, pattern, or shape imaginable. It’s also durable and resistant to water—perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.

flagstaff hardwood flooring

2. Reclaimed Hardwood

New hardwood gives you the ability to choose everything about it: the color, size, style, etc. However, nothing beats the gorgeous, authentic vibe of reclaimed hardwood. Harvested and repurposed wood from old homes and barns, reclaimed hardwood adds rustic flair to your home. Dark reclaimed hardwood floors look great with beige stucco walls.

flagstaff hardwood flooring

3. Handscraped Hardwood

If reclaimed hardwood isn’t the right option for you—or you just can’t find one that feels right—handscraped hardwood is a great way to achieve a similar aesthetic with newer hardwood floors. Handscraped hardwood is new hardwood that has been purposefully marred so as to look old and rustic. The results are stunning, and it works well in any southwest home.

flagstaff hardwood flooring

4. Hickory Hardwood

The toughest domestic hardwood species, hickory, is another great option for something authentic. Most hickory is sold in wide plank because of its extreme color grading. As a result, hickory has a distinct, rustic appearance.

flagstaff luxury vinyl tile lvt flooring

5. Luxury Vinyl Tile

For pet owners or where moisture is an issue, luxury vinyl tile can be a great alternative to hardwood. Made from PVC plastic, this flooring option may not be made from wood, but it sure mimics the look and feel of hardwood. Plus, it’s strong, water-resilient, and beautiful. LVT is new to the flooring world, but its gaining in popularity alongside laminate and may someday be as popular as the hardwood it emulates!

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