Flagstaff laminate flooring

At Floor Coverings International® of Flagstaff we work with homeowners to build the floors of their dreams. Everyone wants floors that are both stylish and functional. That’s why our customers often choose laminate flooring for their homes. With the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors—plus many additional benefits—laminate is a great option for Flagstaff families.

1. Laminate is a stylish option for any Flagstaff home.

Laminate does an excellent job at replicating the aesthetics of traditional hardwood. High quality laminate has significant variation between each board, leading to a natural, authentic look. This versatile hardwood alternative can add rustic flair or smooth, modern subtlety.

2. It’s durable and long lasting.

Modern laminate can handle anything you can throw at it: scratches, dings, and even spills. This is due to laminate’s strong vinyl top layer that protects the wood underneath. Laminate is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements because this protective layer provides superior water resistance.

3. Laminate comes in tremendous variety.

Laminate is great at emulating any type of hardwood. It is available in a variety of species, including red and white oak, maple, hickory, and pine. Distressed and faux hand-scraped varieties exist, as well as many plank and variable width options. Laminate flooring can add beauty and warmth to any existing décor.

4. You can have beautiful floors without harming the environment.

The wood base layer in laminate flooring is made from fiberboard that is soaked in resin to add strength. Many of our suppliers, such as Shaw and Armstrong, employ sustainable processes to get more flooring from each tree. Their products can also be installed without the need for caustic chemicals, so you can breath easy knowing that you aren’t inhaling dangerous fumes.

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